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Event Calendar
for Thursday 02/04/2021
Time Event Description
6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
Title: Yolo Groundwater Sustainability Agency Minimum Thresholds
Location: Zoom meeting

State law says GSPs must set “minimum thresholds” for sustainability indicators defined in the law. If Capay Valley groundwater crosses the minimum threshold on any sustainability indicator, the YGSA must implement a plan that the State must approve to bring the groundwater indicators back to sustainable levels.  The sustainability indicators listed in State groundwater law are avoiding: chronic lowering of groundwater levels; reduction of groundwater storage; degraded water quality; land subsidence, depletion of interconnected surface water, and seawater intrusion.

The YGSA is holding a zoom meeting with local participants only.  In this meeting, participants will review the methods and data the YGSA is using to select minimum thresholds. This review will help participants identify questions for the YGSA, as well as develop ideas for improving the plan.

Barbara Gemmill-Herren and Mica Bennett reviewed the linked documents with Kristin Sicke of the YSGA. Barbara and Mica will moderate this meeting, sharing the information they have.

Find the YGSA’s presentation about minimum thresholds and representative wells here

Find answers to questions Barbara and Mica asked about the presentation here

Contact Name: Mica Bennet
Contact Email:
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